About Us

About Us

A safe, sustainable and cost effective solution with measured results.

Stericycle is the only provider to offer a complete end-to-end service for sharps management, from collection and transportation, right through to treatment at our licenced facilities.

Stericycle’s Sharps Management Service has been established for over 20 years, within Stericycle’s US parent company Stericycle and features our UN-approved Bio Systems reusable containers. These containers can be used up to 600 times after washing and disinfection, as opposed to being incinerated after a single use. This in turn helps you to achieve sustainability and cost reduction targets and creates an environmentally sound service!

The service sees Stericycle collect and replace sharps containers from customer premises, ranging from NHS and private hospitals through to vets, nursing homes, labs and education, medical practices and pharmacies as part of a complete solution.

Through our complete service offering, we control the entire process from collection through to treatment and transportation of clean containers back to you. We can deliver a cost effective service without compromise on quality and safety.